This meeting was especially important for us due to the beginning of the negotiation process for the new collective bargaining agreement. Also, for the Skyteam Pilots Association, this meeting marked another step in the existence of the Safety Programme at SPA. The Skyteam alliance always guaranteed ‘One level of Safety’ to the general public, but it was always under exclusive control of the management of the airlines. The Skyteam Pilots Association has always worked on full cooperation with the management of Skyteam airlines in order to facilitate this ‘One level of Safety’ and to ensure the highest possible standards. We are glad to report that this cooperation reached a higher level when representatives of the Skyteam Pilots Association were invited as observers to the last SSQFE meeting held in Shanghai.


As usual, Kye Johanning, the lead analyst from US ALPA gave us a snapshot of the current global aviation climate and what we can expect in the future. This presentation will be made available on our website. The rest of the time was spent discussing the current union updates and their impact on the current labour negotiations. The SPA meeting in Prague was very successful on several fronts. First, we were able to exchange the latest information regarding labour negotiations at our alliance colleagues’ airlines. Second, the SPA safety programme entered a new, positive phase of mutual cooperation for the common goal of increasing safety. And third, we were able to open a less formal communication channel with our top management. This resulted in much closer cooperation and a very positive effect on the exchange of information.